About Me

Malissa Morrell is a licensed marriage and family therapist, board-certified art therapist, and art therapy certified supervisor. She is trained in DBT, EMDR, and other modalities designed to help clients work through trauma, depression, anxiety, and difficult emotions. Malissa has been in practice since 2004, and is current president of the Utah Art Therapy Association.

Before I became a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Board-Certified Art Therapist, I spent many years working with families, adults and children who were struggling to live with mental and physical illness, stressful and tragic events, and life’s big questions.

But it was a personal experience with the healing power of art that led me to the field of Art Therapy. Now I combine the clinical training and knowledge of a “traditional” therapist with the non-verbal use of metaphor and symbol to help people find their own solutions and answers.

Although I have been an art student, a commissioned artist, and an art teacher, nothing brings me more joy and satisfaction than creativity and problem solving in therapy. My training and experiences has led me to specialize in:

  • Family therapy, including couples and families with teens and children
  • Parenting (including parenting through divorce, remarriage, and step-parenting)
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Coping with medical issues, both chronic and acute
  • Grief, loss, and trauma

I am fluent in Spanish and have 20 years of experience working with Spanish-speaking families. I teach locally at both the graduate and undergraduate level, and am a supervisor for art therapy students and graduates.

Although I’m personally and professionally passionate about art therapy, I’m also interested in research that furthers acceptance and understanding of the work that art therapists do. My research interests include:

  • Medical art therapy
  • Art and language in art therapy
  • Multicultural issues in therapy

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