What’s a change agent?

For some reason, I have been thinking a lot about the term “change agent.” I must have heard it somewhere along the line, but it’s been rolling around my head for the past few weeks.

Most often, this is a phrase used in the business world to denote a member of the organization who is good at helping the company change course. They build trust with the people they work with, and inspire change from within. They know how to keep what works and jettison what doesn’t.

As you can imagine, with a role description like move in and make change, change agents sometimes get a bad reputation. Change agents shake things up. They make hard choices. They reject old, worn habits for new, dynamic growth. Change agents aren’t satisfied with the status quo. They push those around them to stretch, reach, and become better.

The best change agents move slowly but efficiently. They get to know their coworkers and clients, identifying weaknesses and strengths, before they move to implement change. Without this sensitivity and willingness to explore and understand, a change agent may never life up to their full potential.

You are your own change agent

Of course, we can each imagine ourselves as the change agent in our own lives. Your body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, energy, and (whatever you choose to call the collection of physical and metaphysical parts that is you) all work together. Additionally, we all live and work in families, teams, communities, and neighborhoods. We have the power to positively influence these “organizations” for the better — to make difficult choices and push for growth. We each have the potential to be meaningful agents of change.

I believe the members of my on- and off-line communities are creative change agents. All of you — the readers of this blog, the art therapists and art therapy clients in my community, the potential art therapy students around the world, and certified expressive therapists who work hard every day — could all be considered creative change agents.

Are you a creative change agent? Are you willing and interested in using the creative process to create change in your own life? What about your families and communities?

Become a Creative Change Agent!

As I’ve been developing the monthly newsletter, I have wanted to find some way to make it into a group of like-minded creatives. All of those who subscribe to the newsletter — fellow professionals, potential clients, community members interested in art therapy, and others, can all come together to create a community of Creative Change Agents who can go forth and make growth in their lives and their communities.

It’s my hope that this blog, the newsletter, and other services I offer will add to that sense of community. Join us!

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