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Staying Connected

Facebook is just one of many ways to connect with me. Other ways of staying in touch may be more confidential for you, including my website, my blog, and my twitter feed.


But facebook presents unique challenges to my legal and ethical obligations to protect the confidentiality of my clients, past and present. At this time, facebook does not allow me to make my followers invisible. Although I welcome the opportunity to connect with you, clicking “like” indicates your understanding and acceptance of the following terms:

(1) Your connection to this page (including any comments you make or information you share on your own profile) may be made public.

(2) You may change your privacy settings to restrict your visibility on all public pages. However, Facebook makes no guarantee of privacy settings and you should always proceed with caution.

(3) My colleagues, interested students, professionals, and any number of other people may choose to follow this page. You understand that followers are not necessarily current, former, or potential clients and you will not assume that they are.

(4) I will delete content which I find offensive or dangerous to other users.

(5) You will not hold me responsible for any harm which may come to you from your participation on this page.

(6) You agree to contact me directly (not through facebook or other secondary websites) to communicate about sensitive, confidential, or private issues. You may call my confidential phone number, send me an email, or use the the contact form on my website.

(7) Please remember, I have provided other ways for you to be notified of events and information which are less likely to compromise your confidentiality. If you choose not to “like” this page, I recommend that you follow an rss feed of my blog or twitter pages, or sign up for the newsletter.

(8) If you are a current client and “like” this page, we will bring it up in therapy to ensure appropriateness and understanding.

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