Thanks to the way helping professions are often portrayed in popular media, many people think of therapy as something mysterious and magical which (even though it costs money and takes time) should not be questioned too much. Therapists are seen as all-knowing mind-readers or bumbling narcissists who don’t really care about their clients. I mean, not really.

But the reality is that therapy — like any other major decision — requires work and understanding. It’s a big commitment, and it shouldn’t be entered into without understanding what you’re getting to some degree.

I want my clients to feel like informed consumers. I want to make it as easy as possible to learn about me and my services. Most of us wouldn’t buy a car without studying up, comparing different models, and test-driving a few options.

Therapists, like everyone else, are individuals. We have our training, supervision, and years of experience, yes, but we also have unique personalities, styles, quirks, and even faults. However, most people choose their therapist by asking what insurance is covered, where their office is located, and if they have immediate openings.

I want you to find a therapist that you really love to work with, whether it’s me or not. 

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